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Material and Finished Goods

Yardage: Commercial
A wide range of commercial cloth and related goods is available as detailed in the Table below. These can be supplied in any tartan, colour range and fabric weight.

Plaids and Sashes:
Shoulder plaids, belted plaids and evening sashes are available in any tartan using Wilsons' colours.

Colours and Patterns:
The shades used in commission pieces of cloth are matched to William Wilson & Sons' natural dye colours c.1780-1840 unless otherwise agreed. Where possible Wilsons', or an older pattern if extant, is followed for the design thus ensuring historical authenticity. For further information on Wilsons' colours, patterns and techniques see the 1819 Key Pattern Book Stock material is available in Old, Modern, Muted, or Weathered colours depending on the pattern - please ask for details.

Search Facility
If you require goods other than those produced please write or call for a competitive price. Do you need help finding something not generally available, for example; specialist uniform, antiques, or other tartan items. Many of these can be supplied or sourced to order. 

Conditions of Sale & Refund Policy - full details are available Here

Price List



Yardage in Lt, med or hvy weight 28" wide - special order (min 10 yds)

47.75 per yard

48.50 per mtr

Yardage in Lt, med or hvy weight 56" wide - min order 15 yds

68.00 per yard

70.00 per mtr

Silk material, 30"/76cms wide - min order 5 yards

120.00 per yard

125.00 per mtr

Plaid - belted (4 yards x 56 inches)


The 1819 Key Pattern Book - One Hundred Original Tartans


Silk Stoles 30" x 90"


Silk Sashes 12" x 108"


Silk Cummerbands


Silk Squares - min order three per tartan

29.15 each

For non-stock tartans there is a set up charge of £100-160 depending on the quantity ordered.


GRAPHIC FILES - Personal Use Only


Wallpaper File - Please state IBM or MAC


Full Graphic File - Please state format

15 .50

For Commercial and Business use please contact Peter MacDonald


Updated February 2020